Dana Kellin

Since 1994, the Dana Kellin brand has been synonymous with style, quality and beautiful workmanship. Based in Los Angeles, partners Dana Kellin and Elizabeth Kellin oversee their team of artisans, some of whom have been there since the business’s inception and all of whom have trained for years to master the intensive and precise technique. It is a painstaking process; a labor of love meant only for those with a sharp eye, and a zen-like spirit.

The jewelry is an unexpected mixture of earthiness and glamour, always wearable and effortlessly chic. Meticulously imbued with subtle textures such as fine-gauge, hand-made filigree, fluid shapes reminiscent of nature, and custom-cut gems in artful shapes, Dana Kellin jewelry is exceptionally crafted with the feel of one-of-a-kind jewelry and with an emphasis on the details.

Likewise, the Dana Kellin customer is someone who appreciates intricate craftsmanship, fine quality and originality. It is no wonder that Dana Kellin has amassed a loyal fan base; long-time customers who add to their collections with each passing season, as well as new customers who are beguiled by the dynamic color palettes, fresh silhouettes and modern yet timeless styling.

After almost two decades at the forefront of the fashion jewelry market, the company proudly introduced Dana Kellin FINE in 2012. Beautifully imbued with subtle textures, fluid shapes reminiscent of nature, custom cut gems in artful shapes and unique components such as original diamond pave, the collection has the feel of one-of-a-kind jewelry. “I’m always searching for that delicate balance of edgy and different, yet wearable and accessible to our customer, says the designer. “They appreciate jewelry that has a point of view and is made with care and attention.” Dana Kellin jewelry is a fresh and original take on handmade jewelry, with an emphasis on the details.